We are moving to Cottingham!!


After 8 wonderful years down Princes Avenue, it’s time for a change and our next step.

We are all so excited to announce that we are moving to Cottingham! On the 14th September 2019 we will be having an opening party to welcome all clients, new and old to our brand new sparkling salon and it would be great if you could join us all for a drink to celebrate our new adventure!

Our new address is 218 Hallgate, Cottingham, HU16 4BQ

A huge thankyou to all of our clients over the years who have made this possible.

From all of the team at Hays Salon

Step Up & Shine - What an amazing year!


Well, that is my Step Up and Shine Scholarship done and dusted… and what a year it has been!

It all started with uploading a minute long video to Instagram for my entry, explaining why I love hairdressing and what I’d want to achieve if I won the scholarship.

It was so exciting when I found out I had been invited to the president’s night in London, I never thought I’d even get through never mind win it! The whole night was fantastic, from getting all dressed up, the 3 course meal, drinks and of course being awarded my scholarship was definitely the highlight of the night and I loved that my mum and boss were there to celebrate with me.

I’ve been very busy over the last year, from a styling session at GHD, a creative colouring course at L’Oreal, a weekend at Salon International which included promoting the scholarship on the Fellowship Hair stage with Debbie G, a full week down in London at the Vidal Sassoon Academy on a cutting course and I’ve just completed my last course which was advanced colouring with Jack Howard at L’Oreal.

I think winning the scholarship has really helped me as an individual, as at the time I won it I was going through quite a challenging time personally. It has really helped boost my confidence as a hairdresser and give me the push I needed to get things done and go on courses I never really thought I’d be able to do. I’m so grateful for everything that Debbie G and everyone at the Fellowship has done for me over the last year, it’s been amazing!

#hairtrends #moodboard #creative

We had a fun creative afternoon putting together a salon mood board which includes all the latest and next seasons upcoming hair trends which we’re hoping to create on our clients in the salon. 

Over the last few weeks we’ve been researching various different trends like tribal braids, messy texture, smooth sleek and airy natural hair, all of which we’re hoping to incorporate into our day to day styling for our clients. If you ever fancy something different, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist as we can all do something creative with a head of hair!

Autumn/Winter Hair Trends 2017/2018

It’s always fun to go down to London and to see what’s going, as it’s the melting pot for hair and fashion trends. When I go down there I always see a lot of inspirational hair trends and different things, from a really strong catwalk look to people wearing their hair like they’ve just rolled out of bed… (Me for example, and as a hairdresser you can feel and make it look like it’s perfectly acceptable).

As everyone knows, Kim Kardashian has brought the platinum blonde hair back. Going from such a dark natural colour to the platinum blonde is an extreme change and a very technical process, and after doing some research I’ve found out that her personal hairdresser did it in around a week!! So if you are thinking of having a big change and want it done yesterday… even Kim K can’t make that happen.    

Through the summer months and the festival season, the pastel tones ranged from lilac, pink and peach to grey, green and blue. Not only are these hard to achieve and difficult to maintain, but they’re also very summer orientated and I personally think as we’re heading into winter and 2018, the pastel hair trend is coming to an end… Which also means something else will take over! The colourful tones have been swapped for white blondes, and heavy makeup has also been toned down to quite natural, bare faces.  

There is a very fine line between a beautiful blonde and a cheap blonde, when you have it done professionally and your stylist spends hours perfecting it then it’s amazing, but just sticking a box colour bleach on your hair in your bathroom at home doesn’t really give the same effect. With winter approaching it’s always nice to tone down bleach blondes to something a little warmer, more natural and easy to maintain. I’ve seen so many people changing their tone of blonde and I personally have changed my clients colours (with their permission, obviously) to something a little more suitable for Autumn/Winter.  

But who knows with these trends, it all moves and changes so quickly, pastels MIGHT be on their way back for 2018…


Evie does Salon International 2017

One of the best but craziest weekends ever!

I travelled down to London on Friday night (filled with both nerves and excitement) and went straight to Billi Currie salon to meet my mentor Debbie Gee and her team, who were still hard at work prepping their presentation models until 9:30pm. I did my bit to help; I think I should be in the clothes steaming profession instead of hairdressing!

We were up bright and early on Saturday to meet the rest of the team, it was a frantic couple of hours… prepping models, organising outfits, packing everything that was needed, steaming more clothes!

We all then jumped on a minibus and headed down to the Excel, where we did the finishing touches to the models before they all went on stage.

The stylists were showcasing their latest collection on the Fellowship for British Hairdressing stage.  It was so great to experience all of this as I’d never done anything like it before, the whole backstage rush was stressful and exhilarating at the same time… but I absolutely loved it.

On Sunday, I had the majority of the day to do my own thing, whether it was watching presentations at the gHD stand, listening to an interview with Charles Worthington in the ‘Legends Lounge’ or watching some barbers do their thing and demonstrating cuts at the HJ Men’s stage.

The dreaded time then came for me to go on stage for the first time EVER to be interviewed about my ‘Step Up and Shine’ scholarship. I’d been so nervous all weekend and I kept having regular pep talks with myself to calm my nerves down so I didn’t mess up on stage… but It actually went a lot better than expected and once I got over my initial nerves I was able to talk for England as per usual.

I had such an amazing weekend at Salon International and I met some really cool people. I want to say I massive thankyou to my mentor Debbie Gee and the Billi Currie Team, for letting me be part of a really inspirational weekend.


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Summer Haze to Autumn Days

From Summer Haze to Autumn Days

From our latest Autumn/Winter '17 shoot.... Change with the season by adding warmth and depth to ease you into Autumn. Coffee shades will help soften those bleached out Summer tones leaving you with a warm new style. Heading into Autumn, hair can generally look a little neglected after the Summer heat and sun, so it's always nice to tone it down slightly with some more natural shades.


Evie completes her Advanced Level 3 in Hairdressing

After a few years of hard graft and having to wait a couple of months for her final certificates… Evie has officially finished and passed her Advanced Level 3 Qualification in Hairdressing with flying colours! Training doesn’t stop here… Evie's got a big year ahead with #stepupandshine2017 scholarship, theres always more to learn #hayssalon #educationiskey #smileandshake


Evie wins Step Up and Shine Scholarship

Evie had an amazing night at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, Presidents Night in London. She won the Step Up and Shine scholarship!

Step up and Shine is a national competition that gives one lucky hairdresser with a passion for education and learning, an opportunity to improve their skills. Evie will now begin a year long educational journey with training mentor Debbie Gee, where she will go on courses of her choice to develop her skills as a hairdresser even more!