Evie does Salon International 2017

One of the best but craziest weekends ever!

I travelled down to London on Friday night (filled with both nerves and excitement) and went straight to Billi Currie salon to meet my mentor Debbie Gee and her team, who were still hard at work prepping their presentation models until 9:30pm. I did my bit to help; I think I should be in the clothes steaming profession instead of hairdressing!

We were up bright and early on Saturday to meet the rest of the team, it was a frantic couple of hours… prepping models, organising outfits, packing everything that was needed, steaming more clothes!

We all then jumped on a minibus and headed down to the Excel, where we did the finishing touches to the models before they all went on stage.

The stylists were showcasing their latest collection on the Fellowship for British Hairdressing stage.  It was so great to experience all of this as I’d never done anything like it before, the whole backstage rush was stressful and exhilarating at the same time… but I absolutely loved it.

On Sunday, I had the majority of the day to do my own thing, whether it was watching presentations at the gHD stand, listening to an interview with Charles Worthington in the ‘Legends Lounge’ or watching some barbers do their thing and demonstrating cuts at the HJ Men’s stage.

The dreaded time then came for me to go on stage for the first time EVER to be interviewed about my ‘Step Up and Shine’ scholarship. I’d been so nervous all weekend and I kept having regular pep talks with myself to calm my nerves down so I didn’t mess up on stage… but It actually went a lot better than expected and once I got over my initial nerves I was able to talk for England as per usual.

I had such an amazing weekend at Salon International and I met some really cool people. I want to say I massive thankyou to my mentor Debbie Gee and the Billi Currie Team, for letting me be part of a really inspirational weekend.


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